Blue Adobe Grille's Gilbert location now open
January 23, 2018

Blue Adobe Grille opens a second location in Gilbert, AZ. The address is: 884 E Williams Field Rd #102, Gilbert, AZ 85295. We hope our southeast valley enjoys this new location.

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Blue Adobe Grille Receives Certificate of Excellence again in 2015
June 01, 2015

Blue Adobe Grille receives the 2015 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for the 2nd year in a row. Blue Adobe Grille won this same honor in 2014, the reviews have been very positive from patrons. Thank you to all of our patrons for your business and we hope you enjoy your visits with family & friends. We will continue to strive for excellence in the future.

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Live Music: The Finishing Touch!
September 29, 2011

Live Acoustic Music is similiar to the last piece of furniture that highlights the entire living room. I believe so strongly in live music at the Blue Adobe “Santa Fe” Grille, that we spend around $20,000 a year on live local acoustical talent. But need not apply, unless it is your voice and guitar for which 100% of the music is manufactuered. You would not believe the amount musicians that play with canned instrumentals or back up vocals through a synthesizer. I had one guy who had an 18 piece band in the back ground, yet you only saw him.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights, we book outstanding acoustical talents that cover from the 50′s to today with emphasis on entertaining and not overbearing the dining experience. In April of this year, we sectioned off the bar to improve our standard of highlighting the dining experience through Live Acoustical Entertainment. We know through our reviews that live music is a dersired amenity, but only if you can have a conversation at the table while dining.

Our musical Talents are Ivan Harshman, Al & Vaughn, Bob Villa, Mike “The Blues Man” Anderson & Sugar Bear and Matt Tener. Matt is a Fountain Hills product that has played all over the valley. He brings a more recent Pop Alternative Sound, along with classics from Pink Floyd and U2. Mike “The Bluesman” Anderson and Sugar Bear play flat out blues. You will want to get a seat at the bar, for this once a month gig, to soak up all their raw emotion. BTW…Nobody leaves the Blue Adobe without singing the blues. Bob Villa is not only talented, but knows over 600 songs that he has listed for your requests. I have been blessed to have booked Bob for over 10 years. He gets the bar singing in a hurry. Al & Vaughn, every one loves Al & Vaughn. This duo spends a lot of time in the 50′s – 80′s, but there bebopp, margaritaville sounds pleases many generations. Last but not least, there is Ivan Harshman. I love all our musicians for different reasons, but Ivan is amazing. His transition from Men at Work to the Beatles, and U2 to The Outfield is phenominal. We are very fortunate to have his talents at the Blue.

Live Music in the neighborhood, where you can fall down and be home. Check out our Events Tab for Talent and Times of all our musical acts.

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Most Places...If You Want Service...Play Tennis
August 13, 2011

One of my ex-partners told me years ago not to worry so much about service, the food will be the key to our success.  The truth of the matter…the food is integral to the success of  Blue Adobe “Santa Fe” Grille, but without proper levels of service our concept has almost failed twice.

My service philosophy is pretty basic, but effective.  One, greet in a timely fashion. Two, pay attention and deliver desired results.  And lastly, Three, show appreciation for the business.  I am famous for saying the following, “If you think this is easy, go ten places tomorrow”.  Most places won’t even invite you back.  I find this amusing, since quite a bit of money is spent on marketing.

Let’s start off with (One).  When you are dealing with someones stomach, their sense of time is not in sync with the Atomic clock. 30 seconds can feel like five minutes.  Our standard is to provide some type of interaction within 60 – 90 seconds. Second to the greeting at the door, this standard sets the tone for the entire experience.  I tell my co-workers all the time, that missing this standard, is considered our #1 Capital Offense on a Guest.

(Two)  We are suppose to be the experts at the Blue.  Sometimes we can provide information that will help us tailor our guests order to meet their specific needs.  This philosophy is called the Platinum Rule…treat our guests the way they want to be treated.  We also repeat back our guest’s order to ensure accuracy.  As far as “To Go” orders go, accuracy is crucial.  I tell my co-workers to imagine, setting their to go bag on the coffee table, kicking their feet up and then finding out that their order is missing or is wrong.  I get angry as a consumer just thinking about it.  icon sad Most places...If you want tennis.

(Three)  I find that the busier we get, sometimes, I fall into the trap of taking our guests for granted.  It’s subtle, but I notice.  I try to subscribe to the 1st day philosophy.  Treat our guests the same way we treated them the 1st day we opened, except with more experience.  With all the regulars we have, this task is increasingly more difficult but still a top priority.  I have approached our guests professing my gratitude, when I was not able to spend ample time or appreciation on their way out or during their next visit.

We strive as “The Blue Crew” to provide an engaging level of service, without process.  This is so important to us, that if we fail, we want to know.  Our Philosophy is simply stated, “If everything is GREAT we would love to know.  If not so GREAT, we have to know.”  The best place to handle feedback is on the spot, but we do provide six review sites on our website as another option.

Thanks to all our Craving Fans.

See you at the BLUE,

Michael Savoie

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An American Success Story!
July 14, 2011

Blue Adobe Grille originated in Mesa, June of  2000 with Chef and Founder Jose Leyva.  I joined the team in Nov. of 2003, and shortly after, Jose and I opened The Blue Adobe Grille in Scottsdale.  After a successful 2 year run, I sold my interests and moved on to other ventures.

Returning in the Summer of 2008, Blue Adobe had fallen on hard times and this was before the Financial Meltdown of late 2008.  The only thing we had going for us was the incredible flavor profile talents of Chef Jose Leyva, but even with this advantage the climb back would be difficult.  We were hundreds of thousand dollars in debt, way behind on our rent, and facing a public who had lost confidence in the US economy.

The one good thing about a down economy is that it forces you to do, “The Work and Get Better”, so back to work we went.  Within 2 years, we had paid off all the debt, caught up on rent and turned a profit.  We did this by improving our quality and value at the same time.  We were probably one of the few restaurants that improved food quality and lowered prices.  Chef and Founder Jose Leyva refuses to cheat!

One year ago, Jose and I decided to sell our interests to the Mesa location, specifically, to improve on the Blue Adobe Grille concept in Scottsdale and future locations.  This was a tough decision since we had established a great reputation in Mesa and lost some co-workers we considered friends.  Nonetheless, the decision had to be made.  One year later, Blue Adobe Grille Scottsdale has returned to the viability and success of 2006.  Our growth in 2011 more than 30% year over year.

We do not take our succes for granted or let it go to our head.  We appreciate our guests and co-workers who have made these results possible and continue to look for ways to improve relationships and add value, services, atmosphere and culinary attractions.

Michael Savoie
Blue Adobe Grille (Scottsdale)
“A Flavorful Spice”

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