An American Success Story!

Blue Adobe Grille originated in Mesa, June of  2000 with Chef and Founder Jose Leyva.  I joined the team in Nov. of 2003, and shortly after, Jose and I opened The Blue Adobe Grille in Scottsdale.  After a successful 2 year run, I sold my interests and moved on to other ventures.

Returning in the Summer of 2008, Blue Adobe had fallen on hard times and this was before the Financial Meltdown of late 2008.  The only thing we had going for us was the incredible flavor profile talents of Chef Jose Leyva, but even with this advantage the climb back would be difficult.  We were hundreds of thousand dollars in debt, way behind on our rent, and facing a public who had lost confidence in the US economy.

The one good thing about a down economy is that it forces you to do, “The Work and Get Better”, so back to work we went.  Within 2 years, we had paid off all the debt, caught up on rent and turned a profit.  We did this by improving our quality and value at the same time.  We were probably one of the few restaurants that improved food quality and lowered prices.  Chef and Founder Jose Leyva refuses to cheat!

One year ago, Jose and I decided to sell our interests to the Mesa location, specifically, to improve on the Blue Adobe Grille concept in Scottsdale and future locations.  This was a tough decision since we had established a great reputation in Mesa and lost some co-workers we considered friends.  Nonetheless, the decision had to be made.  One year later, Blue Adobe Grille Scottsdale has returned to the viability and success of 2006.  Our growth in 2011 more than 30% year over year.

We do not take our succes for granted or let it go to our head.  We appreciate our guests and co-workers who have made these results possible and continue to look for ways to improve relationships and add value, services, atmosphere and culinary attractions.

Michael Savoie
Blue Adobe Grille (Scottsdale)
“A Flavorful Spice”

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